Francoise Weeks

Today I will write about FRANCOISE WEEKS!

A nice and inspiring lady, that always in her creations, gives me a powerful taste of nature and organic.  All her creations in floral art, have naturalness and elegance that inspires me and also makes me dream of a fairy tale.

For all of you, lovers of romantic and delicate things … this lady is an inspiration!

Francoise-Weeks-Florist-Jamie-Bosworth-Photographer-1woodland-bouquet-Art-of-Weddings-Francoisebotanical-clutch-with-muscari-and-hyacinths-FrancoiseAmy_McMullen_woodland-bouquet-Governor-Hotel-Francoise1Francoise weeks (1)botanical-shoes-FrancoiseCredits: Photos from  Francoise Weeks website

Francoise Weeks website | Francoise Weeks blog | Facebook Francoise Weeks

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