Araik Galstyan

Araik Galstyan and therefore Araik Gastyan Floral Design School, is our inspiration for today … with a modern, exuberant and colorful style … full of features traced in Eastern Europe and Russia!

Currently conducts its business in Moscow, but it is a very present figure in various shows around the world … leading Moscow International Floral Design School that bears his name and Flowers World Magazine, which is a source of information and inspiration for those in the field.

araik galstyan _ YaU learn (3)araik galstyan _ YaU learn (2)araik galstyan _ YaU learn (1)araik galstyan _ YaU learn (4)I leave you to discover more 🙂 :

Araik Galstyan facebook | Araik Galstyan International Flower Design School in Moscow | Flowers World Magazine | Photo credits:

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