# 100bouquets – 100 days, 100 YaU bouquets

Today I’m announcing the start of a project close to my heart … # 100bouquets – 100 days, 100 YaU bouquets :)!
For the past 10 months I’ve worked creating these 100 bouquets and they’ll be presented over the next 100 days across all YaU online channels of communication. The project will end in February 2016 with an electronic version … a #eBOOK – # 100bouquets, powered by YaU.
Every day I will post a YaU bouquet, unpublished until now, mostly wedding bouquets, bouquets made in an unconventional and modernist spirit … YaU style.
This project represents YaU way to share our vision in terms of Floral Art, it’s an experiment for me, a way of training, but also a way to share with you the love for flowers and floral art.
The project will begin tomorrow and besides the articles prepared daily for the BLOG, I will publish each day one bouquet out of this #eBOOK.
ENJOY #100bouquets, powered by YaU :)!
With LOVE for flowers, Elena Toader

cover #100bouquets #ebook

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